Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Evolution of a Sewing Room (cont.)

Chapter 2

A New Place to Sew

More room to sew
The sewing room move is done!  I patched holes with tape and spackle and did some touch-up painting.  The Salvation Army took away my daughter's bedroom furniture. I vacuumed corners that had not seen the sun in years. Yuck.  The room needs a major cosmetic re-do, including painting and carpet removal.  But in the meantime, I have a new place to sew!

At first, the curmudgeon in me wanted a "no-one-is-allowed-in-here-but-me" sewing room.  I considered getting rid of the bed, but that wasn't practical.   I still have relatives who like to visit and they need a place to sleep.   Besides, I designed and built the cutting table expressly so it would fit over a bed.  It would be a shame to deny the table its destiny.

I considered the major drawbacks of my former sewing room and addressed them. In the small sewing room, my cutting table was in a corner and only accessible from two sides.  Now I can access it from three sides.  As I'm fighting with laying out knits, the last thing I want to do is rotate the fabric or stretch over the table in order to pin or cut out a piece.  Now, everything is within reach because I can walk around to the other side of the table.  Funny how simple things like that can make such a difference.

Second, I have more storage space in a bigger closet.  As my collection of Burda magazines grew, I trembled every time I thought of getting rid of them.  Now,  I've got room for another five years worth!  And I have another bookcase in which to store fabric.  I may even acquire a stash!!!

As small and cramped as my former sewing room was, it was a functional space in which I was very comfortable. Now, my sewing space is functional AND roomy!  What more does a sewer need? 

For a guided tour, click New & Improved Sewing Space link under Pages in the sidebar or click the link in the caption above.


  1. Your sewing room looks great, love all the natural light. Now go make it messy!:)

  2. Having a dedicated sewing space is a blessing from the sewing Godssssss!

  3. Brilliant! Your space is just brilliant! Enjoy!

  4. Isabel's DaughterJuly 12, 2012 at 12:21 PM


    The space looks wonderful. You are so right about small changes making a big difference.



  5. Your sewing room looks bright, comfortable and neat. Congratulations on your new space.

  6. Your redesigned room looks great. The cutting table is genius. Congratulations on some smart thinking!

  7. Your sewing room looks great! Mine is a mess, divided into two rooms, and part of my sewing room has all kinds of other junk in it. I really need to do a re-vamp! I remember the first time you posted about that cutting table and I still think it is brilliant!