Monday, April 11, 2011

Good News to Share

We are lucky to have an excellent music teacher at Morton Elementary School in Philadelphia. Thanks to Mr. McVeigh, (and the Hamels Foundation) the Honors Chorus sang the National Anthem at the Phillies home opener earlier this month. 

It was a wonderful opportunity for the students, many of whom had never attended a live sporting event, much less performed at one!  The faculty and staff were very proud of and excited for our students.

Yes, reading and math test scores are important, but let's remember the music and art teachers who give students the opportunity to add something extra and beautiful to their lives.


  1. Congrats - that looks like so much fun and a great opportunity for the students.

  2. Lee,

    The kids were great! Much better than some of the overhyped, overpriced "stars" who sometimes do this. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Nice to read something positive involving the children from the Philadelphia School system.

    Fellow Philadelphian

  4. And these are the opportunities that children remember forever!