Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Open on Saturday!

I've always wished I could shop in NYC's Garment District more often.   I was operating under a misconception.  In my mind, a Garment District shopping trip meant taking a day off work because most stores were closed on Saturday.  I had evidence to back this up.  I was told many of the stores honor the Jewish Sabbath.  I'd shopped in the Garment District on Saturdays, but special arrangements were made.  Metro Textiles opened when Karen promised and delivered fabric shoppers with money to burn.   Then,  Elizabeth convinced  Metro Textiles and Elliot Berman to open on Saturday for a large group of eager shoppers.  Annette of FabriCate & Mira recently visited the Garment District on a weekday and she noted many more stores were open on weekdays.  So, based on my limited experiences and information, I assumed a shopping trip on any given Saturday would be disappointing. Thankfully, my eyes have been opened.  I don't know how or why I allowed myself to believe otherwise, but I can have a meaningful shopping experience on a Saturday.   I found this out by reading Lindsay T's Shop the Garment District website.   True,  Metro Textiles and Elliot Berman are closed, but eight out of the eleven featured stores have Saturday hours.  Most of the trim stores are also open.  I am no longer limited to the dwindling number of independent fabric stores in the Philadelphia area.  I can jump on a train any Saturday.  I'm sure I could convince the other Philadelphia fabric friends to come along.

See Shop the Garment District for more information.

It's funny how you get a wrong idea in your head and convince yourself that it is the truth.  I wish I'd  come to this realization sooner.  I don't see a shopping trip in the near future.  It's almost Winter and I do my best shopping when I'm not freezing to death.  But, another Spring is coming and if my budget implodes because of fabric purchases, I can always blame Lindsay T and her website.   I consider Lindsay T a friend and if you can't deflect blame to your friends, then what are friends for?


  1. Do let me know when you come up. I would love to meet up in the city. Pacific Trimmings is open on Saturday I think, though Bottani is not. M & J may be open as well.

  2. Hey, thanks for the plug! Sure, blame it all on me! Add to your list: TrueMart Fabrics is open on Sundays though not on Saturday (orthodox). That store is much like a Metro Textiles. Not exactly in the garment district but not too far either.

  3. This is great, Lee. What a great reference. I always end up going up and down the streets in a not very sysematic manner - it helps to have all of the places in a table.

  4. You can jump on a train and fabric shop in NYC. Sigh . . . I am so jealous!