Friday, September 10, 2010

Burda 7671

I don't sew a lot of knits.  I always seem to get wavy seams and hems even though I use a serger and reduce the presser foot pressure.   So, I avoid knits like the plague.  But, I found a discontinued pattern I really liked for $2.00, a knit fabric I really liked, and I had an occasion coming up for which the pattern was appropriate.  So, I sewed a knit.

Burda 7671 – Dress

Pattern Description:
Long sleeved or sleeveless wrap dress that is gathered along the shoulder and down the sleeve.

Pattern Sizing:
US 18 - 30
European 44 - 56

Were the instructions easy to follow?
The instructions were easy to follow.  I had to read some sections more than once, but that was probably because of my state of mind at the time.  I was so worried about working with a knit I didn't give my full attention to the instructions.  There were no unusual techniques involved.

The gathers on the sleeve and shoulder had to be a specific length.  When gathering the shoulders and sleeve, I cut a piece of stay tape to the finished length + 1 inch or so to make "handles" on the ends.  I pinned one end of the stay tape to the beginning of the gathers and the other end to the end of the gathers.  Then I adjusted them to fit the stay tape and pinned the gathers to the tape before sewing.  The stay tape is very thin and doesn't add bulk to the seam.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I needed a dress for a specific occasion and this pattern was perfect.  Now that the dress is made and I've had it on, I realize I can only wear it if it is chilly in central NY state at the end of the month.

Fabric Used:
I used a cotton/poly jersey knit.  This knit was easier to handle than other knits I sewn.  I didn't get the waviness that discouraged me from sewing knits in the past.  Maybe it was a better quality knit than I'm used to sewing.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
This was an easy dress to make. The style is classic.  I would most certainly sew it again and recommend it.

I learned I have to be gentle with knits.  Knits are like toddlers – they don't always stay where you put them.  But, if handled gently, they are less frustrating.  This pattern has been discontinued and I'm glad I bought when I did.  Now that I'm determined to make more knit garments, I'll probably be using this pattern again.

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Sometimes, I feel guilty about leaving the cats alone while I'm shut up in the sewing room. This is what happens when I weaken and let them in:

Tangi oversees construction.

Soleil waits to get in the way of layout and cutting.


  1. I love the dress/fabric. Goodness - the kitties are just adorable.

  2. I love the dress/fabric. Goodness - the kitties are just adorable.

  3. Nice dress, love the print on your fabric. Cute kitties :-)

  4. Who are you? You are wearing a print. A rather loud and pretty print. Tell the aliens to leave and give you your body back because this is NOT Elaray!!! *LOL*

    The dress is gorgeous girl! Way to sew outside your comfort zone!

  5. Definitely where did Elaray go? Look what happens when you sew outside your comfort zone, you get a terrific looking dress that looks great on you. Have fun wearing it.

  6. Very nice dress and beautiful cats!

  7. Great dress! Love the print - you need more of these!

    There's always a risk that the cats will get in the way. Sometimes if you make them a nice nest out of way (cats seem to love fleece for some reason) they might claim that rather than every other spot in the sewing room. They can then hang out with you in comfort, yet not be in the way. Of course, you can't *make* them stay out of the way, but you never know!

  8. Can't wait to see your next try at this - it looks great on you.

  9. very cute dress, the print looks great on you. Keep working with knits and you will really like them.

  10. Wonderful! What a great dress and print. You'll love wearing a knit dress, they are comfortable always look good and travel great!

  11. Thanks for the reminder about stay tape and gathered knits. It has been awhile since I had to gather a knit sleeve but I will remember that technique.
    My cat also sits behind the machine as I sew. He is allowed to watch the material go by, but not grab at it. Sometimes he can't resist and I move him on.

  12. You look great in this knit dress. I think this is a first time for me to see you wear a dress! It really suits you well. Love the fabric.

  13. Sew, I see that we both have a thing for a DVF-inspired wrap dress out of a not-too-subtle knit print! Love it and it looks great on you! Also, thanks for the tip about the stay tape. Will definitely try that on a future project.

  14. My cats would approve of yours - I have a supervisor and a sleeper as well.

    The dress looks great. I knew that knit would look fabulous on you.

    And I love to enable people into buying fabric . . .

  15. Sexy and pretty dress. I must buy that pattern. What do the fashion critic kitties think?