Monday, July 26, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing

This innocent looking fabric was like the Mogwai from the movie "Gremlins".  It very quickly multiplied into several garments,  none of which were exactly what I wanted or expected.

It all started when I needed a top to go with shorts I'd bought last summer.  I was lucky enough to find matching fabric at JoMar.  It was incredibly cheap inexpensive ($2.00/yd) so  I bought more than enough for a blouse (BWOF 04-06-129).  When the blouse was finished, I didn't like the way it worked with the shorts.  The shorts were really casual and the blouse was less so.  I had enough fabric left over for a simpler, more casual blouse (Burda 3215  OOP).  I even made the pattern adjustments to allow for eliminated shoulder pads  (see "A Tale of Two Blouses" 7/16/2010).  I wasn't in love with that combination either, but I would at least wear it out of the house.

Now, I was left a blouse without a mate.  I decided the blouse would look better with a skirt.   So I went back to JoMar hoping I'd find more of the same fabric.  Unfortunately, I did.  I used Burda 3152, another OOP pattern to make a skirt and I had one more outfit that disappointed me.  I think it's too "matchy-matchy".  Imagine that coming from me!

If I learned anything at all from this adventure, it was (1) not to be so obsessive about finding mates for old-maid garments and (2) things don't always have to match.  I got carried away with my obsession and now I have two outfits I will wear but I don't really love.  Maybe, I'll find fabric for a nice solid colored skirt to wear with the blouse.  But I'm not going to obsess about looking for it.


  1. LOL. I still like the first blouse with the shorts. The second one is good too. The third? yeah a little matchy matchy.

  2. I think the blouse/skirt would look fabulous with a wide belt. That would turn it into a shirtwaist dress.

  3. This post made me laugh. I can so relate! Well, I think all your combinations look terrific.

  4. LOL. I think all the combinations are nice, but you're the one that has the choice to wear them or not. It is nice to have them, but if you don't love them, I'm guessing they may not stay around too long? Maybe you're not at ruthless as I am - every season the closet gets cleaned out. My daughter now gets what I didn't wear/didn't like. ;)