Friday, July 9, 2010


Here's an original thought  (I made it up myself – feel free to use it)
Sewing is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're going to get.

Here's how I arrived at this great profundity:
Bad news:  Several months ago,  my machine started making strange and ugly noises and the bobbin compartment door kept popping open.  I immediately took it to the shop.   
Good news:  The problem wasn't serious. The noises came from an embarrassing accumulation of lint.  I was soundly scolded by the dealer and I promised to do a better job of keeping the machine clean.   
Bad news:  The bobbin compartment door popped open because of a crack in the machine cover (probably due to being transported carelessly).  The replacement cover had to be back ordered and took many weeks.   
Good news:  The part finally arrived and I arranged to take the machine in while I was out of town so I wouldn't miss it and I could sew when I returned home.   
Bad news:  The machine wasn't ready when I returned home. In the interim, I traced and cut out two quick projects.  While my machine was at the dealer, the light behind the LCD screen blew out and that part wouldn't be in for 7 to 10 days!  SEVEN TO TEN MORE DAYS WITHOUT A SEWING MACHINE!  I DON'T THINK SO!    
Good news:  The dealer offered a cute little Activa 210 as a loaner and I was more than happy to accept. I would love to know exactly how the light got broken at the dealership, but I'll consider any extra charges as the rental fee for the free loaner.  But, as they say, it's all good.

I'll be sewing on an unfamiliar machine for the next several days.  My OCD meter is in the red zone.  Luckily, my projects are easy, casual summer tops so I should be able to handle  this change without a visit to a psychiatrist for talk therapy and medication.  This is a harmless little detour and I can get back to my original plan when my machine finally comes home.


  1. Really? I think I'd be nuts, too. I have a great dealer, and he's more than happy to lend me a machine, free of charge, if I'm stuck without a machine. I do completely understand about the OCD, though, you will go crazy because things aren't in the same place as your machine. It is like driving someone else's car!

  2. This week I had to use another machine while mine was in the shop. It was driving me crazy! But... it showed me just how wonderful my machine is and I'm soooo glad to have it back. :)

  3. I'd miss my sewing machine like I'd miss my right arm! At least they had a loaner for you

  4. Oh, what a journey, Lee. Looks like you have a very nice replacement, however. Nice shorts and a great fit.

  5. Sometimes its fun to sew on a different machine. It also makes you appreciate your own all the more when you get it back.

  6. I feel your pain. I went through this last summer the only difference I had to ship my baby in for service. Just the thought of the UPS man tossing it around in the back of his truck gave me heart burn. After three weeks she came back and still didn't work properly. After a little detective work on my part I found out the service person put TWO screws in the same hole and that's why the needle wouldn't stay in position. Go figure! Good luck.

  7. I totally understand. I really really don't want to bring my machines in either - the cost, and the wait. But mine are due also. But a loaner is so nice!