Friday, November 13, 2009

Next: BWOF 06-09-136 and BPF FW-09-404C

After knocking out three tops in quick succession, I'm happy to get back to sewing at a less desperate pace. In addition to returning to the relaxed pace, I'm returning to BWOF – 06-09-136 blouse and Burda Plus Fashion FW-09-404C pants. My fabrics are easy to work with so I'm set for an enjoyable experience. The blouse fabric is 100% polyester; the pants fabric is a rayon/lycra denim (dry clean only - ugh!) and both were purchased from Vogue Fabrics by Mail.

In studying the blouse technical drawing, I noticed the top button is level with the bust darts. That means everything above the bust is open and that means the potential for a display of cleavage. If I have any criticisms about my beloved BWOF, it's the depth to which their necklines plunge. If I were in my 20's or 30's and had a smooth, perky cleavage, I wouldn't mind quite so much. But, one must make concessions to one's age unless one wants people to laugh behind one's back. I could wear the black cami I bought for the last BWOF bodice-baring blouse (how's that for alliteration!) I made, but I'll feel more comfortable with a button.

To raise the neckline, I needed the straight portion of the front band to be longer so the position of the top button would be higher. I drew register lines on the front band pattern piece an slid it up a couple of inches between the register lines, retraced the curve and maintained the position of the top of the band. In the photo to the left, red lines represent the pattern changes. I made the same changes to the blouse front and checked the pattern to make sure the front and front band would still fit together. I followed my intuition to figure out how to make this change and I'm eager to see if it works out. No guts, no glory - right?

This blouse was pushed back in the queue because the gathered sleeve pattern piece didn't fit on the fabric originally intended for this blouse. I didn't have enough fabric to open it out and cut on a single layer. Several years ago I took classes in industrial sewing methods and I learned the pros cut on a single layer. I don't like to cut on a single layer unless I absolutely have no other choice.

Rushing through three consecutive projects is not the way I like to sew. I'm looking forward to returning to my comfort zone. Yes, it's good to step out of my comfort zone occasionally, but it's called a comfort zone for a reason!


  1. You know that you can wash most things. Do a test on this fabric. If it shrinks a lot, wash it again and see if it continues to shrink and how much. Sometimes it shrinks up so much that you don't have enough fabric! I have found that most rayon is washable.

  2. I completely understand about being of a certain age. Why do they think we all want to put it all out there? Isn't it nice to know how to alter? I want to take a page from your book and make me some blouses in a hurry. It's finally cooling down here. Been staying in the 70's for a couple of days. They don't call it sunny southern California for no reason!