Monday, February 16, 2009

Reason #1,284 Why I Love BWOF

I live a very casual life. I wear pants to work everyday and I usually change into my "play clothes" - jeans - when I get home from work. I only dress up for church, including weddings and funerals. So, I often wondered what someone of my body type and age would wear if I attended a dressy affair. BWOF to the rescue! The plus size collection in the March 2009 issue suits my tastes perfectly. I can imagine a solid color dress with a brocade jacket. The sheath dress is boxy enough to compliment my silhouette and the jacket camouflages my belly. I like the skirt from this issue, also. Another issue, Burda Plus Fashion FW 2008 had a nice collection of evening wear, including a top that would work nicely with this skirt. I wish I had a nice formal affair to go to so I could sew this outfit!

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Daisy is the winner of the give-away, Rip It! by Elissa Meyrich, who was a student and instrutor at Parsons School of Design. (Did you know the infamous Kenley of Project Runway is, or least was an instructor at Sew Fasy Sew Easy, Elissa Meyrich's school?) Congrats, Daisy! E-mail your mailing address to me.


  1. So where were these perfect patterns when I was looking for my ds's wedding 2 summers ago? I am only plus sized on the bottom, so I can often adjust these to fit me well. I love the jacket and the skirt. The dress, maybe not for my pear shaped body, but pretty nevertheless. I have a gorgeous piece of silk brocade from our last trip to India that has been sitting in my stash for 5 years now. How time flies! If only I had an event to wear it to! I must say, that the plus sized patterns in Burda have really improved since I was a plus sized woman. They are much more chic these days.

  2. We can organize our philly sewing group and celebrate it with a formal dinner ;)

  3. I think the Burda patterns for March are great. You can dress up or down. The dress is great because you can make simple black dress for the office, and create the same pattern for an after five event. The dress with the jacket is similar to the outfit Michelle Obama wore to the inauguration. I find the pieces inspiration and something you can style to your personality and taste.

  4. I'm thrilled that I won the book! I'm even more thrilled that it arrived today!!!! Thank you. I like the BWOF dress; it's nice and sleek.

  5. My first sewing instructions were from Sew Fast So Easy. I have to say it wasn't so easy. Every week Elissa would make someone cry because of her abrasive and abusive manner. It was like going to sewing boot camp. If you didn't want to be ridiculed in front of the whole class, you didn't ask questions, especially "stupid" ones like what is a selvage.

    I'm glad I didn't give up and found another instructor. My love of sewing has developed over the years.