Monday, October 20, 2008

Next: BWOF Plus Fall 07 #404 Top & #405A Pants

No one loves BWOF design details more than I do. But, every once in a while a woman just needs a break!!! My next project has no design details - none! The neckline on the shirt is just turned under - not so much as a band!!! If I complain about BWOF instructions for this project, I need to turn in my sewing machine. The hardest part will be laying out the knit for the top because knits don't like to stay where you put them. Other projects in my queue are more detailed, but at this time, I really want something quick and dirty. I will not get over-confident about this project, though. I am quite aware that Murphy's Law applies to sewing. This would be the time I cut a big hole in ……… no, I will not speak that into existence. Just because this is an easy project doesn't mean I'll finish it quickly. My schedule is full this week and I'll be away this weekend. This is a good time for a little hiatus from sewing – just long enough to make me hungry again.


  1. I love how you always make "outfits" like this pants and top together. I need to start doing more of that. I actually do plan it that way, but usually get distracted by something else half way through. I don't know how in the world I ever completed 2 SWAPS!

  2. Yes, simple is good when you need a break. I read somewhere that if you starch the knit, it will stay folded. Couldn't hurt, right?

  3. Most of us probably need some "simple" in our wardrobes...heaven know I do!
    ...and sewing basics from really nice fabrics like that ones you've chosen, ups the "chic factor" of simple styles...don't you think?

    Pam from ~Off The Cuff Style~