Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Next: BWOF 03/07 #129 & #130

My last project (BWOF 03/07 #128) was a success as far as the sewing went. But, as I suspected and predicted, the color looked awful on me! (I'm glad I haven't replaced my camera yet. If I had a camera, I would feel compelled to post a picture of me in the dress.) I haven't been in a sewing mindset for several days. I've wanted to sew, but my brain is overloaded with other concerns. Knowing that #128 was a throw-away project eliminated any pressure. Someone else made #128 and posted somewhere about trouble putting in the buttonholes in the bodice area. The seam allowances under the front band provided an uneven base for sewing the buttonholes. I have a Bernina machine and used the buttonhole compensation attachment to solve this problem.

My next project is a blouse and pants for work - BWOF 03-03-129 & 130. After sewing the #128 dress, I think I'm ready to give this project the concentration it needs. I'm using a batik print for the blouse, so the seam lines in the front will disappear. I've liked this pattern for a long time and I'm happy to finally be making it. I'm also considering making the blouse with long sleeves at a later date. Long sleeves isn't one of the published options, but it shouldn't be to hard to take long sleeves from another BWOF pattern and add them to this pattern. Lately, I'm feeling confident enough to make more design changes to patterns. But, for now, this should be perfect for warm back-to-school days in the beginning of September.


  1. I've never heard of a buttonhole compensation foot, but I've wanted one. I have problems with my Bernina on things like waistbands and neckbands. I'm going to order one tomorrow.

    I like that blouse and pants pattern too. If they work for you, I think I'll give them a try. I'm sorry the dress wasn't a success for you.

  2. The foot sounds perfect for problem areas. Does it work for the button hole below the neckband? Which Bernina do you have?