Saturday, December 8, 2007

Burda 7882 & BWOF 10/06 #133B

I've returned from a short hiatus. It seems like ages since I actually finished a garment. I finished these pants (BWOF 10/06 #133B) a couple of weeks ago, but I was delayed in starting the blouse. Using my Elna, I discovered I really didn't like sewing without a reverse gear. Tying off threads and using a smaller stitch length worked very well to secure beginnings and endings of seams. But, these methods just were not as convenient as tapping the reverse button and I lost some enthusiasm when I had to sew on the Elna sans reverse. I was also paralyzed with anticipation about getting the new Bernina. I put off sewing until I could sew on the new machine. Childish, I know. But, once I got the new machine in my hot little hands, I immediately finished Burda 7882 - my redesigned blouse. I used a silk from Vogue Fabrics. I heard somewhere that a yard of really fine silk could pass through a wedding ring. I'm sure this is a myth, but it sounds impressive. I never tried to pass this silk through my jewelry, but it certainly felt like it could have gone through! I really enjoyed handling it! Unlike some synthetic silkies I've sewn, (how about that alliteration!) it wasn't too slippery and it pressed nicely. The pants are lined. I can remember lining pants only one other time in my life. Lining really does improve the way a garment feels and I'll probably do it more often. They actually feel like they fit better especially in the back. Although, they actually don't fit any better than any other pants I've made. I'm sure the wool I used would have irritated my skin - especially in the winter. The lining also makes them more comfortable to wear.

So, this outfit is remarkable for several reasons:
  • This is the first project from fabric purchased on my NY shopping trip
  • I lined the pants
  • I used my new machine
  • I redesigned the blouse pattern
Quite a re-entry after a short hiatus!


  1. This a very nice combo - I really like the rich color. You just can't go wrong with a new machine. LOL. BTY, that for the video from yesterday.

  2. NO, this combo is remarkable because it is beautiful! the color combination, the fit, the worksmanship and style choice are all perfect! I'm so glad you're loving your new machine.

  3. You're right, absolutely remarkable. I love the fabric colors!