Friday, December 14, 2007

The 1st Step to Recovery

Hi. My name is Elaray and I'm a fabri-holic. I've been denying my stash for years, but I'm finally ready to own the fact that I'm a stasher! In 12-step parlance, I "hit my bottom" today. I came up the lamest reason for buying fabric anyone has ever heard. This afternoon, I went to Fabric Row to buy buttons. The plan was to buy the buttons and come home. Truth be told, I was setting myself up to fail. PA Fabric Outlet has a phenomenal selection of buttons and is right next door to my favorite Fabric Row store - Kincus Fabrics. How could I not go in when I was right next door? I found a fabric I loved almost immediately. And, the lame excuse I gave myself – Snow is predicted and I can sew if we're snowed in. That is so weak; so like a person who is out of control! What about the other seven pieces of fabric I already have? I mean, how much snow is predicted, anyway!!! So, my days of denying that I'm a stasher are over. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Except, I don't really want to recover. It's actually liberating to finally admit it to myself. Besides, there is nothing wrong with keeping a moderate amount of fabric on hand.

Now, back to the buttons …
I'm looking for buttons for my jacket. So far I have three choices. In spite of the many colors in the fabric, I decided gray would be the safest choice. (What does that say about me? - Boring!) It was really hard to find the right gray - even in a store with a 25 foot wall of button boxes! The top button is actually the back of the middle button, and that is the one I liked best. But, now that I've objectively studied the photograph, I think I might forget the gray and go back to find a real color. (Any suggestions and opinions would be greatly appreciated!) And if I go back, I'll be right next door to Kincus Fabrics again! There is no hope for me anymore.

Edited to add:

This is the fabric that forced me to confront my addiction. I really love this print and I can't wait to use it!


  1. It feels very liberating admitting you like to collect fabric. :)

    As for the buttons, I too like the top one. One thought. What colour are you planning to wear with the jacket? If you want to wear a black or grey skirt/pants then I think the top button is the perfect choice. Match the button to skirt/pants. That way the outfit ties together.

  2. You're not a stasher. You're a collector. There's a difference, and don't say I didn't tell you if Carolyn happens to stop by! Besides, there's nothing wrong with buying fabric you love. Some people collect frog statues, some collect fabric.

    I like the top button too, if you intended to keep the whole thing neutral so that you can wer it with whatever. There are so many vibrant colors in that swatch, I'd be afraid to go with a color lest I ruin the chance to wear the jacket with whatever color was my choice for the day. Either that or look for a metallic button that could be neutral without being grey.

  3. *hahahaha* LOL at Summerset! Girl please I was gonna start by saying that if you are a stasher than what am I? But Summerset beat me too it!

    Ah a fabric collection is not a bad long as your bills are paid, your mortgage is paid so that you have somewhere to stash your goodies and you aren't out in the street conking little ole ladies over the head for their purses, truly what is it hurting!? And it is assisting our economy which can use every lil' boost it can get! *LOL* Enjoy your new piece of fabric!

  4. LOL too. You should elevate yourself to a collector . You collect beautiful fabric. It's certainly better than a cabinet full of whatever dust collecting horrors that some people collect. Take pride in your collection, you deserve it!
    I like the top button too.

  5. If all you have is 8 pieces of fabric, you are not a stasher - not even a collector - you just have a little on reserve... for back up. I DO collect fabric - too much. In 2008 I'm going to try the more out than in rule. I hope I make it. Because there are a lot of beautiful fabrics out there and I'd like to be wearing a lot of the ones I already have!

  6. Oh Elaray welcome to Fabricholics! We always welcome new members. I am also a Patternaholic but that one I am trying to get under control because it is messing with buying fabric.

    I like the top button also. I really love the fabric as well. I think going subtle with the buttons will allow you to wear the jacket with various colors of pants and skirts.

  7. Isn't Kincus a dangerous place? I stay away from 4th Street because I have no control. If you truly only have 8 pieces of fabric, my stash would make you dizzy. (Which is not to say if you head toward Fabric Row again any time soon you couldn't email me if you want a little enabling. Always happy to find a fellow fabric shopper). P.S., my vote's for the top button too.