Friday, March 30, 2007

My Sewing Space

I'd like to share pictures of my sewing room. It's the smallest bedroom room in the house and I needed to keep the bed, so space was a big issue. I used to have the ubiquitous fold up cutting table, but it was impossible to move around in the room when the table was up. I realized I needed a table that would fit over the twin bed and could be taken apart when I needed the bed for a guest. I was inspired by Christopher Lowell on HGTV and I decided to try to build the table I needed. I'd seen Christopher make anything and everything out of PVC pipe, so I first used a hollow core door for the table top and PVC pipe for the legs. However, the PVC pipe wasn't sturdy enough so I switched to saw horses for the legs. I painted and stenciled the table top to match the room's decor. I'm very proud of my table and it serves me very well.
Most of my supplies, books and notions are stored in a bookcase. Notice the box holding patterns on the bottom shelf -- I built that, too! Watching HGTV really boosts your confidence! Anything I can roll-up and store in a tube, like pattern tracing paper and interfacing goes into the basket next to the bookcase. Frequently used supplies are stored within reach at the end of the table.

The room has a very small closet where I store my fabric, more books and seldom used supplies. Having such a "cozy" sewing rooms keeps me from accumulating too much "stuff".
When I first set up a dedicated sewing space, I felt it had to be a guest room as well as a sewing room. I soon got over that feeling. I have guests once or twice a year, but I sew almost every day. It's nice to have a place where I can get lost in a project and escape from the everyday stresses.


  1. That's a great room. I wish having a small sewing space had kept me from accumulating too much stuff. Now I await DS to grow up and move out before I can spread out into his room. I'm going to have to wait awhile as he is only 12.

  2. Great cutting table solution! I love it! And how awesome that you did it yourself.

  3. I think you have made inspired use of your limited space - I make use of my dining room table and the top of the wardrobe. I too am waiting for space in a small bedroom! I was also way impressed that you made it all yourself!

  4. Your cutting table is great...longer than mine. Guess I have cutting table envy.

  5. Love the idea of your sewing table. Your sewing space is really cozy.