Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Organizational Project Finished

I just finished making a catalog of my envelope patterns. All I did was photocopy the front and back of pattern envelopes, separate them into categories, and put them in a binder. I have less than 100 patterns, so it wasn't a big job. Someone who doesn't sew may think that is quite a lot, but I'm surprised that I don't have more. A few years ago, I custom built a pattern box to fit in my bookcase. I vowed to never own more patterns than fit into that box, so I purge periodically. I also subscribe to Burda World of Fashion and I've cataloged those patterns. This will actually stop me from buying too many patterns. I have an easy way to see every pattern I own before I buy another one. These catalogs will also help in wardrobe planning. I can sit with my Vogue Fabrics swatches and find patterns appropriate to the fabrics I want. As a matter of fact, I look forward to the summer day when I can sit on the side porch with a pitcher of lemonade, Vogue Fabrics swatches, and my pattern catalogs and buy tons of fabric without leaving home! Simple pleasures truly are the best -- especially to a person fortunate enough to love sewing!

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