Saturday, March 22, 2014

Adding Seam Allowances The Easy Way

I am a Burdaphile.   It is my goal to encourage every sewer to appreciate and use patterns from Burda Style (and other pattern magazines).  The biggest obstacle seems to be the tracing.  I admit, the tracing is sometimes a headache.  The pattern sheets can be downright scary.  I can't do anything about that.  But I can make it easier to add seam allowances.

It's easy to add seam allowances using a simple compass … the kind you used in high school geometry class.

An inexpensive compass with a plastic point is best because the point is not sharp enough to tear through the paper during the tracing process.

Watch me add a seam allowance the easy way:

Don't be afraid of BurdaStyle and other magazine patterns!


  1. Thanks for the tip. Do compasses come with lead inside? I had better go check out the art shops and office works.

  2. Great tip and beautifully spoken.

  3. How is it going with the wedding dress????

    1. The dress is finished! DD will be here this weekend for final try-on! I'll post pictures after the wedding.