Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Great American Dress Project

"The Great American Dress Project" might be a little hyperbolic.  A more accurate statement might be, "I've got three dresses in my queue."  While putting away summer clothes, I realized I just didn't like most of the dresses in my closet.  Some went into the trash and some will be donated.  I went into SWAP Mode and sat down with my Burda index and Vogue Fabric Store swatch catalogs. I selected four dresses I liked and found suitable fabric (I hope) for three of them.

After lengthy cogitation (I love that word!),  I concluded the problem with the discarded dresses was the poor fabric choices I'd made.   Choosing the best fabric for a project continues to be a problem for me.  The few dresses from my closet that I didn't throw out were made from solid or nearly solid fabrics.  So, with that in mind, I made the following choices:

BSM 08-13-138

BSM 01-13-133B 

BSM 06-13-143

Another dress in my queue is my Mother of the Bride Dress.  After an initial misstep in fabric selection, I have made the following assignment:

BSM 09-09-138

I hope I've made better fabric choices with these dresses.  I don't want to throw these dresses away next year when I do my closet change-over.


  1. I like all your fabric and pattern choices. Can't wait to see your new dresses.

  2. Nice fabric choices. At least you don't have to match pieces with a dress. Takes out some of the stress for you!

  3. Totally agree with Nancy K, and like Lori, can't wait to see the final product. :-). Thanks for your kind comments last week. Enjoy your blog too. :-)

  4. Nice fabric choices for upcoming dresses!

  5. I like all of your choices. I wish you all the best with your dress adventure.

  6. Isn't the color for your dress a bit darker than it looks in the photo? Anyway, I loved the color when I saw it in person and it's going to look great on you.