Friday, June 7, 2013

I Took a Craftsy Class

I toyed with the idea of a Craftsy class for a long time. I downloaded several of the free classes and watched them while I exercised.  Finally, I paid for a class that I actually sewed along with.  The Classic Tailored Shirt was perfect for me.  I love classic tailored shirts.  I already owned the pattern used in the class -- Kwik Sew 3586.  I'd made this blouse so many times I was sick of it.  When I learned it was the pattern used in the Craftsy class, I got excited about sewing it one more time.  I cleared my mind of all experience with this pattern and, for the sake of the class, I approached it as if I'd never made it before.

My Craftsy Classroom
Some people watch the entire course all the way through before beginning to sew.  I chose to watch one lesson all the way through and then sew along with that lesson before watching the next lesson.  Pam Howard, the instructor, was very thorough and relaxed.  She didn't fill empty space with useless chatter.  I don't know if other Craftsy instructors do this since this was my first class, but I appreciated her quiet style.  As I sewed along with the video, it felt like I was in a real class.  The background noise was another sewing machine and someone talking about sewing.  And I didn't have to shlep my sewing machine to another site!

In the Craftsy platform, students can post questions and the instructor posts responses.  The uploaded questions are time-stamped so that if someone entered a question 15 minutes into the lesson, it will appear onscreen in an unobtrusive sidebar at about that time.  As I watched the class, I could read related questions and answers (and not ask a question that has already been answered).

Even though I'd made this shirt many times, I learned new techniques from the class.  I chose this class because I wanted to make flat felled seams.  I don't think I like flat felled seams.  This was the first time I made real flat felled seams and the process seemed too fussy.  I have two felling feet for my machine, but since I was following the class instructions, I decided not to use either of them.  If I ever make them again, I'll use the feet!

My goal was to sew the shirt exactly as instructed.  I didn't use a serger because the instructor didn't use a serger.   I followed instructions right up until the time she sewed on the buttons …… by hand!  I just couldn't do it.  I sewed mine on by machine.

My first ever flat felled seam

Would I take another Craftsy Class?  Yes, definitely.  I want to crush my dislike of sewing knits and Craftsy offers two classes of interest:  Sewing Fashion Knits, taught by Linda Lee and The Ultimate T-shirt, taught by Marcy and Katherice Tilton.  I'm also considering Sew Faster, Sew Better: Garment Insustry Secrets taught by Janet Pray.  I've added these to my wishlist and I'm waiting for the next Craftsy sale.

My Craftsy blouse

Craftsy comes very close to duplicating a real live class experience.  The only things missing are real-life people.


  1. A great review, Elaray! I hadn't heard of this class. Your shirt looks beautifully made!

  2. That's great Elaray! You certainly cleared up some questions/concerns I had about taking a Crafsy class. I've seen other bloggers give very positive feedback. Like you, I signed up for a couple of freebies--just haven't gotten around to them. :-). Sounds like yours had the perfect pace for you. Some video tutorials go so fast--and even though you can pause, stop, etc., it still messes with the flow cause not only do you have to stop your laptop/computer, but you have to physically stop sewing. :-).

    I've had a couple of class experiences where they were too large and the people aspect was very distracting and hindered me from learning so I'm glad you felt like the experience was much like being in class. :-). Thanks for sharing

  3. I like the shirt. I've always wanted to make a buttoned shirt but usually avoid buttons and zippers out of fear. I am taking the Sew Faster, Sew Better class. Just getting started. Got the pattern really fast. I also took Plus Size Sewing. Now, that was a great class. Never made the project (a peplum top) because I waited six weeks to get the pattern. So far, I'm impressed with Crafty classes. I think I will take the Tailored Shirt class next. I learned to do flat felled seams years ago, they weren't too bad. I didn't know about felling feet--have to look into that. Congratulations on your first class--enjoy your victory!

  4. Yes, thanks for sharing. Your shirt looks crisp and professional.

  5. Your shirt fits great!
    Like any "school", the teachers on Craftsy all have their own style.
    I want to take the Janet Pray class too! Sewing without pins, say what?

  6. I have signed up for several classes but not the shirt one. I think they are really good. You shirt looks very nice.

  7. Your shirt looks great on you.
    I too have been taking Craftsy classes. Angela Wolf, Susan Khalje, Marcy and Katherine Tilton, and some of the free ones. And I have to say I've enjoyed them all. I have this shirt one in my wishlist and some others :)

  8. This pattern is one I plan to work on soon. I have liked the kwik sews I have sewn and want to check this one out. I haven't taken a class in a long time -used to go to lots of that sort of thing. I love your shirt-hope I can one to fit me that well.

  9. Love the shirt. It fits you so well. The class review was the most informative I'be read.

  10. Thanks for all the details about the class. I've been wondering how they work. Nice shirt too!

  11. I have watched a lot of Craftsy classes, but rarely sew along with them. I think you probably learned more from watching a lesson and then doing hands on than I did just watching. And you have a lovely garment/project, like your shirt, when completed the class.

  12. Thanks for the review of the class - I have just signed up for it and can't wait to try it out! Your shirt looks great - off to have a peek around your blog ...J