Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finished: McCall's 6563 & Burda 3152

Nothing says glamour like bias cut charmeuse.  I think this skirt and blouse is more festive than the black dress of the previous post.

The Top: McCall's 6563
For my top, I originally chose a Burda magazine pattern with modifications.  But I was afraid it would be too loose fitting and boxy to be worn with the full skirt.  So I searched the websites and found M6563.  The bias cut gives the top a little more shape than a straight cut.  I went to my local JoAnn and they didn't have the pattern in my size.  I called a second, less local but convenient JoAnn and they didn't have it either.  I called a third, even less local and totally inconvenient JoAnn and thankfully, they had it.   I could have waited until the next day instead of driving 14 miles out of the way, but I'm retired and I have more time than sense.  Besides, I wanted to spend the next day sewing the top.

The top was very easy to sew.  I wanted to be sure the narrow hem on the sleeve looked good, so I did not use my narrow hem foot.  I used the method  for the Chiffon Hem in High Fashion Sewing Secrets, (Shaeffer, 2001).

The Skirt:  Burda 3152
I've had this pattern forever.  I've done two pattern purges recently, and this pattern made it through both. The skirt is a simple four paneled A-line with an elastic waist.  Since it has an elastic waist, it was very easy to cut a larger size to give the skirt more fullness.  And, since it is so easy to sew, I'm going to make at least one other version.

Now that my party outfit is set, I can practice my Wobble and Cupid Shuffle. I might even drop it like it's hot!


  1. Stunning! It's very flattering. I loved the dress, but if you are happier in this than that's great. Beautiful fit and finish.

  2. This is so pretty, Elaray. Your hemming is stunning, have fun dancing.

  3. Lovely with great results...FIESTA :)

  4. I love the top. Bias is always a winner IMO

  5. Perfect fabric for the top!

  6. Gorgeous top, skirt - definitely something you'll be able to party in!

  7. Isabel's DaughterMay 24, 2013 at 11:18 AM

    You are so right about the bias-cut charmeuse! This outfit is lovely and looks very festive. Enjoy the party.


  8. Thank you thank you thank you.... because of this post I was FINALLY able to do a narrow hem!