Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finished: BSM 01-10-136

Burda Style Magazine 01-10-136
I wanted to sew a pair of jeans even though  I was several years too late for the online sew-alongs.  I have two separate Today's Fit patterns for jeans.  I considered, and almost bought the jeans pattern from Butterick's Connie Crawford collection. Fortunately, I remembered Burda 01-10-136 before I bought a third pattern for jeans.  The garments I make with Burda require very little adjustment.  Or should I say, I choose to make few adjustments to the garments I make with Burda.  So Burda was the perfect choice for jeans.  The jeans in the January 2010 issue of Burda Style have been on my to-sew list since January 2010.  It was time to finally make the darn jeans.

Pattern Description: 
Basically, these are typical 5 pocket jeans.  They have patches on the inner thighs and binding on the hip and back pocket edges.

Pattern Sizing:
These jeans are from Burda's plus size collection.  Available sizes: European 44 - 52

Were the instructions easy to follow?
The instructions were not as difficult as I expected.  I simply ignored the instructions I didn't like.  I used Sandra Betzina's instructions for zippers and I made a few changes to the way the waistband and belt loops were made.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
Only the thigh patches make them different from 5-pocket jeans.  The thigh patches are sewn onto the legs and can easily be omitted.

Fabric Used:
Denim with a little bit of lycra for stretchability.


I'm aware of the wrinkles and folds in the jeans (as shown in the picture on the left) and I know they point to areas that need adjustment.  But, in this case I'm satisfied with "good enough".  I usually wear tops like the one pictured on the right.  Covering the wrinkles and folds is an easier than endless adjustments and remakes.

Top-stitching is important in jeans.  Topstitching is much thicker than regular thread.  I discovered, after a couple of globby messes on the underside, that holding the topstitching thread and preventing it from being drawn into the bobbin area eliminated the globby messes.  I used my favorite edge-stitching foot for the first row of topstitching and then my quarter-inch foot for the second row.

I've learned making jeans is not a big deal, so I'm sure I'll be making more.  When I make these jeans again, I will raise the waistline an inch or so.  I know the style is to wear low-rise jeans.  But, I'm not a big fan of low-rise jeans.  The trend seams to be colored jeans these day.  I'd like to try a pair of those for spring.  (Finally, I'll be wearing something trendy!)


  1. Nice job! Enjoy your new jeans!


  2. Nice job, it is amazing how quickly jeans sew up.

  3. Nice work on the jeans. Minus the patches that looks like a great basic jean pattern. I am so hooked on elastic waist pants I tend to buy the pull on jeans-very bad addiction. I do have 2 pairs with a waist band but sooner or later they will have to go and then what will I do. Your burda make is very inspiring.

  4. I am on my second pair of jeans right now. I did, being my usual perfectionist self, make many muslins. I love the pair I finished and made some small adjustments to the second pair. They are fun to make. Since I have had good luck with Hot Patterns pants I used their dressy jeans pattern. It's a straight leg pair like yours and I had considered using this pattern, but I've had more issues with Burda pants patterns then you do. These look good and once you've got the fit down, they certainly aren't hard to make. Especially if you disregard Burda's fly front directions! Enjoy your jeans. Of course, now that you are retired you have many more options for casual dress.

  5. I'm with you on not making all the re-works :) I generally happy with it fits good enough, I like to wear my stuff loose with my now aging body, which probably offers more flexibility in the 'good enough category'. Actually even my 'good enough' in items I've made is better the RTW items so I'm happy! I need to make some jeans for myself again, been a long time! And I'm with you all the ones I bought are lower rise, and they drive me NUTS :) --- I enjoy lurking your blog, you sew casual, comfy things that are my life right now :) Thanks for sharing Always !!

  6. Your jeans, as they are, probably look WAY better on you than 80% of the ones you could buy at your local department store. Good work!

    Kathy B.