Monday, June 27, 2011

Finished: Pamela's Pattern #104

After finishing BSM 06-2008-128, I wanted something that would require only 14 or 15 brain cells and no hand sewing.  Pamela's Pattern Perfect T-Shirt was just what I needed.  Besides, the serger was already threaded with the right color.  Whenever serger sales people said "You can sew a t-shirt in two hours!" they must have been talking about this pattern.  It is so basic you can sew it with your eyes closed.  An instructional DVD (purchased separately) is available for this pattern.  The DVD is easier to follow than the written instructions.  If you watch the DVD, you won't need the instructions. This is a very easy t-shirt and if you've made a t-shirt before, you can sew this one without any trouble.  This is Round 3 for this pattern and me.  The first try was just a tiny bit tighter than I like so I pivoted an inch more room into the bust and waist and I'm much happier with the fit.  The shirt has optional bust darts, which are recommended for larger sizes, and what Pamela calls "essence of waist".  These features yield a flattering fit for a t-shirt.  In her instructions, Pamela recommends "Heat 'n' Bond Lite" to prevent a wavy hem.  I used my serger's cover stitch and differential feed and waviness was not a problem.

This t-shirt was easy to sew because the knit fabric was cooperative.  It didn't shift and move every time I turned my back on it.   I bought it at The Needle Shop during PR Weekend 2011 - Chicago.  It cost more than I would normally spend for a knock-around t-shirt knit, but I was in a PR-Weekend-induced-shopping-frenzy. Coincidentally, while fooling around on the computer and googling random names, I recognized my fabric on a website.  Turns out it was designed by Jay McCarroll , the winner on the first season of Project Runway.   No wonder it cost so much! But, it behaved so nicely, it was worth the price.  I've learned the more selective I am about the knits I buy, the easier they are to lay out and cut.


  1. Very pretty T shirt! I've learned with knits that you really do get what you pay for

  2. I echo the above comment - pretty T shirt. The red dress is beautiful - well worth your time. It is obvious from these pictures that red suits you.

  3. My sentiments exacta-mente!!!! "I wanted something that would require only 14 or 15 brain cells and no hand sewing... Besides, the serger was already threaded with the right color." That's what often determines my 10-minute window of sewing!