Monday, October 18, 2010

Finished: Burda Plus Hybrid Blouse

First, I need to rant just a little.

These blouses are from Burda Plus Fashion Spring/Summer 2010.  It's evident that these three blouses are basically the same and, except for design details, would use the same pattern pieces.  The bib insert on 423 and 425 has pin tucks.  One would expect those tucks to be indicated on the pattern pieces.  One would think the bib insert pattern piece in 423 and 425 would have to be wider to allow for the fabric taken up by the tucks.  Apparently, Burda doesn't think so.  Burda has you tuck a rectangle they call a "dickey front" and the cut the pattern piece from that.  Sounds reasonable, but a few years ago I made a BWOF dress with pin tucks on the cuff and a similar technique was used.  I assumed (and I know what happens when we "assume")  the extra length would be drafted into the pattern piece.  But it wasn't.  Another part of the problem was Burda's use of the term "dickey front".  I defined a dickey as a false shirtfront, not whatever Burda had in mind.  This made understanding the directions a bit of a challenge.  I was really glad I opted out of the pintucked front.

Okay, rant is finished.

My blouse is a hybrid of the available designs.  I used the collar, cuffs and shirttail hem from 425, the non-tucked bib (without the pleated trim) from 424 and the topstitched front placket from 423.  I used a wonderful silk fabric.  It is so light and comfortable, it feels like I'm not wearing anything!  The construction was straightforward.  The cuff should have been tapered to a point.  Burda gives dimensions for a rectangle.  The last time I tried tapering a cuff, I got the proportions wrong and it looked a little strange, so I kept the rectangular shape.  For some reason, the buttonholes were horizontal.  I'm a "follow the rules" type, so I made the horizontal buttonholes.  It feels weird buttoning horizontal buttonholes when I'm used to vertical buttonholes.   If I ever see horizontal buttonholes again, I'm going to get really wild and adventurous and (gasp!) change them to vertical buttonholes.

This is just the type of blouse I like wearing to work and I would like to make this blouse again in a different fabric.  It would be nice to find a nice brightly colored silk.  I might even try the pintucks on the bib.


  1. aaaah, BWOF instructions. ;)

    it looks awesome- love that fabric :)

  2. Lovely blouse! Now you know it works you can make it in lots of different fabrics.

  3. Lovely. BWOF instructions get a big thumbs down

  4. Beautiful blouse, the fabric is lovely. I totally understand the frustration with Burda at times.

  5. Burda is still Burda. Notwithstanding, you have a lovely blouse and it is nice that you can mix and match your options for style details.