Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finished: BWOF 03-06-131 Pants & Burda 8248 Blouse

Other sewers in the online sewing community have been turning out dozens of new outfits while I have been plodding along trying to finish just one. I felt like I was walking in quicksand. My mojo was in place. I sewed nearly everyday. I just wasn't finishing anything. Finally I finished this blouse and pants.

Blouse: Burda 8248 (OOP)

Pattern: This is a favorite blouse pattern. The button front blouse has collar, center back seam and waist darts – a typical camp shirt. The pattern includes a dress length.

Instructions: We all know Burda envelope pattern instructions are easier to follow than magazine patterns and we all know why. PICTURES!

Likes/Dislikes: I like this pattern because it's a classic camp shirt with no surprises. Camp shirts are very well suited to my casual wardrobe. It is darted and has a center back seam which gives it a slimming, fitted silhouette.

Fabric: I bought this cotton seersucker because I loved the colors. The fabric just spoke to me and it said "Ahhhh, Summer!"

Alterations/Design: I made this blouse straight out of the envelope.

Conclusion: This has become a TNT pattern. I've made both the blouse and the dress before.

Pants: BWOF 03-06-131

Pattern: This is also a TNT pattern. I didn't realize I've made it twice before.

Pattern Sizing:

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Were the instructions easy to follow?
The hip pockets on these pants were a little tricky and illustrated instructions would have helped. But, I'm a grown-a$$ woman, and I'm through complaining about the lack of illustrations in Burda Style magazine instructions.

The teeny-weeny little dart has to be slashed a mere 5/8" and piping strips are inserted into the dart. Sounds simple enough. But where to slash the dart for the insertion? I ended up cutting diagonally from the corner an then down 5/8". The piping strip was sewn onto the upper edge, the dart was sewn, encasing the piping strip. Then, the hip yoke piece is attached. The vertical seam is sewn exactly on the dart stitching line. (Wouldn't this have been easier to understand if illustrations of the process were included?) I like the detail - I just wish there was an easier way to achieve it.

Louise Cutting demonstrates a technique on Threads Insider Techniques DVD. She recommends pressing seams open when they have to be folded back on themselves, as in a waistband seam. This keeps the waistband from rolling to one side. I used that technique on this waistband. The seam is pressed open over a point presser before it is turned right side out. This technique can also be used on sewn on facings.

Likes/Dislikes: The pants are jeans and not jeans. The back pocket and the topstitching on the inseam and side seam are "jeans" but the front pocket is "not jeans".

Fabric: The fabric is a cotton twill with a little lycra.

Alterations/Design changes: I raised the waist band 1" to eliminate the low rise look.

Conclusion: I like the colorful blouse and I have a feeling this will become a favorite outfit.


  1. Another great outfit, you must have an amazing closet.

  2. your blouse does say summer. so fresh and light.
    Love the pants. You have a good fit, but they look complicated?

  3. Pretty colours in the blouse. Another great outfit.

  4. Great outfit. I love the blouse--so cool looking for a hot day.

  5. Yes, this definitely says, "Summer". It is fresh and light. The pants are great - I remember you making some of the other pairs.

  6. I like the details on these pants. Does it have a back yoke like real jeans? Nice and cool for summer.

  7. Campshirts are workhorses in a summer wardrobe. So often when you go out you want more coverage than a tank. The pants look great too. Sometimes stores sell the stiffest trouserweight material, but yours looks like standard RTW, it has some heft but still is soft enough for comfort.

  8. Pretty seersucker - perfect for summer. I really like that pocket detail. It turned out very nicely.

  9. This outfit screems summer! Love the seersucker - great look for summer. More importantly, I need to check out this pants pattern as they are similar to my fave ready to wear.