Sunday, March 14, 2010

When is a SWAP not a SWAP?

Can a SWAP be a SWAP if there was no plan? I guess not. Then it would be a SWA.

I played with the idea of a SWAP or a mini wardrobe for years. But I'm not good at staying with long term sewing projects. Spending weeks on one project held no appeal for me. However, I've managed to make a MWBA : Mini Wardrobe By Accident.

After making my last outfit, I had enough of the black plaid fabric left over to make a skirt using Burda Plus Fashion FW-2008-414. I made the blouse (BWOF 07-08-133) in 2008, but never wore it. I never even moved it out of the closet in the sewing room. I think there was a problem with the pants that were supposed to be worn with it. With two bottom pieces of the same fabric, I had the basis of a mini-wardrobe. I mixed and matched the following patterns:
  • Skirt Burda Plus Fashion FW-08-414
  • Blouse – BWOF 07-08-133
  • Pants – Burda Plus Fashion FW-06-409
  • Long Blouse – Burda Plus Fashion SS-07-416
  • Knit Top – Vogue 8151

If I'd really planned this wardrobe, I might not have chosen these pieces to be worn together. Long blouses are out of my comfort zone.

* • * • * • * • * • * • * • * • * • * • * • *

I've also made pieces that are well within my comfort zone. I bought the wool blend for the pants without buying coordinating fabric for a top. Fortunately, I was able to find the fabric for the top from Vogue Fabrics by Mail. Both the pants (405D) and the top (404) came from the Fall/Winter 2007 issue of Burda Plus Fashion. This fortunate experience might just encourage me step even further outside of my comfort zone and to buy more pieces that don't coordinate. It is possible to find two fabrics that go together on two different occasions and from two different stores.


  1. Nice wardrobe even though not planned!

  2. That wardrobe turned out nicely. In my case, it would be SWAC --Sewing Without A Clue!

  3. SWA... haha, I love it! Maybe that's what I should call my sewing, since my method tends to be make whatever random thing I want!

    It is a very nice accidental wardrobe, btw.

  4. What a great SWOAP! Because I rarely buy fabrics that delibarately co-ordinate, it always surprises me how often I can pull two pieces from stash that were purchased years apart but somehow go together.

  5. Actually, I think that would be called..."S" (just sewing!)

    Besides, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men and...sewists!

  6. I like the accidental mini-wardrobe! :) And you can definitely buy two different fabrics from two different sources and get them to coordinate.

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I've accidentally made several four piece or six piece mini wardrobes. I can't seem to wrap my mind around going to a fabric store picking fabrics for even a six piece swap - nothing seems to work together when I'm looking for the fabric. Yours is a very nice one and just think about the possibilities.

  8. Hey, good job! Sewing Without a Plan worked in your favor. Nice sewing!

  9. That's pretty good - you didn't even plan it and had matching pieces! I'm not surprised, though, you do tend to like "outfits".

  10. An accidental wardrobe is certainly in the realm of what you sew and this one works very nicely.

  11. I love your wardrobe. I think the long top really looks good on you. I like it with the skirt.