Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back to Sewing

My company has come and gone and I've reclaimed my sewing room. My sister's sister-in-law wasn't able to come, so I did all that purging, simplifying and de-cluttering for nothing!!!!! (Just kidding) (No, I'm not) And, my sister would not accept the craft supplies I offered so they go in the trash. My daughter and my sister both have birthdays in October and we had a small celebration. It was a really good to have my daughter and sister here at the same time. Sis left this morning and DD will be here until Tuesday.

Ann has started a fun meme on her blog. She asks "Who would you cast to play you in a movie?"
That's an easy one for me!

Queen Latifah epitomizes the self-confidence I wish I had. She puts her "plus-size-ness" out there and if you don't like it – that's your problem. I wish I had that. In addition, she's very talented.

Today, since my house is clean, I'm going to lounge around and read. Back to the routine tomorrow!


  1. Good pick for the person to play you! I really like her as she always appears so confident. I also think she is a good actress.

  2. Ooooooooooo - if this is you, I like you already!!!!

  3. Way to go, girl! Glad you enjoyed your family and now you can enjoy sewing again.

  4. All your chores are done so have a great week end..sewing :)