Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Next: Hip Skirt

Finally! I'm sewing something for my daughter that isn't a prom dress. I love sewing for my daughter, but she hasn't made it easy. If I'm to be honest, I'm making this skirt for my daughter by default. Several weeks ago, my brain went on vacation without me. While my brain was laying on the beach in Brazil, I convinced myself I was young enough wear a skirt made from an Amy Butler print. I selected this Hip Skirt from Favorite Things Patterns and I found an independent store that sold Amy Butler fabrics. Luckily, my brain and I reconnected and I realized this style skirt was not for me. It's a low rise skirt that falls from the hip. That's a style I never wear since I'm a rectangle body type and my hips are indistinguishable from my waist. So, I had no choice but to make the skirt for my daughter. It's easier sewing for her because her body is more typically proportioned. And now that school is out, DD might actually have time for fittings! I really like the print skirts young girls are wearing now and I'm glad I have someone for whom to make one. Now that I'm thinking clearly, I might be able to get away with a skirt suitable for a woman over 50 if I choose a less busy Amy Butler print. Thank God, I came to my senses before I embarrassed myself!


  1. Well I have a rectangle shape too, and I think you could have pulled this skirt off. I am limiting the clothes I make for my own DD this summer to extremely simple stuff, like beach coverups that are basically two pieces of fabric and a drawstring. I am taking the summer off from DD's fussy factor, if you know what I mean...

  2. Well, I'm over 50 and wear busy print skirts and love them. You just have to get the style and cut that suits your body type. Your AB link went to all the AB fabrics. Do you already have one in particular you are using?