Thursday, April 24, 2008

JoAnn, My New BFF

I've done my share of JoAnn bashing in the past, but lately I've been able to find several usable pieces there. No, the fabrics were not from prestigious designers and fashion houses, but they were exactly what I needed at the time. For me, practicality always trumps prestige. Most recently, I'd decided I wanted to wear a skirt and blouse combination to my daughter's high school graduation ceremony in early June. I wanted something summery and festive, but not dressy. I did a quick search of the shops on (Philadelphia's) Fabric Row. Even Kincus, my favorite Fabric Row store, let me down. In fairness to Fabric Row, I was rushed and I really wasn't in the mood to search in dark, cramped shops on that particular day. I found the fabric pictured at JoAnn. It's a linen cotton blend and it was 50% off - $4.99 a yard! I think it says "proud, happy mother" quite clearly. I can top it with a plain white linen blouse, probably from, and I'll be set.

I've learned my lesson. I will never bad-mouth JoAnn fabrics again. (Well, I will continue to publicly question all than darn FLEECE!) I will not look down my nose at humble JoAnn, but I will keep my fabric-buying options open and consider every fabric-buying possibility. The way fabric stores are closing, I need to support every fabric merchant I possibly can.


  1. For the last couple of years I've found some really nice linens and cottons in Joann's going into summer. Their winter fabrics I'm still giving a 'meh' to. Ah, but their bolts of muslin at 50 cents a yard with coupon can't be beat.
    There is indeed a place for the Joann's in this world.
    Glad you found your graduation day fabric. It's lovely. I really like your new avatar too.

  2. I have felt the same about JoAnn's and like you I found and purchased some great fabrics recently. I am working on fitting some patterns so I can cut them out using my new fabric purchases from JoAnn's. So like you I am going to keep an open mind about their fabrics.

  3. Okay I too have questioned the amount of FLEECE! I thought it was just me! LOL I wish they would focus more on other fabrics!!

  4. I find quite a few gems at Joann's. I do have to agree about the fleece and try to turn a blind eye, but the sheer volume of it can't be missed!

  5. While I have been disappointed with the fleece selection at JoAnn (so much of it!), I'd rather have a JoAnn with loads of fleece than no JoAnn at all.