Sunday, January 6, 2008

Next: BWOF Plus: Fall/Winter 2006 #410A Blouse #409B Pants

My next project is from Burda Plus. I made the blouse before, but I demoted it to a test garment because I used a crappy fabric and I've never worn the blouse. I learned, from making this blouse, that I don't need width adjustments, only length adjustments for BWOF blouses. It feels good not adding more fabric to fit around my top half. Of course, I'm using a plus size which is larger than most other American women, but hey, who's gonna know! Size is only a number, right?

I'm using this tropical wool and polyester print. This represents the end of my NYC fabrics. (I guess that means its time to go back for more!) My NYC trip was in July; now its January. It has taken me six months to use up all but one piece of my NYC fabrics. I don't think I've ever kept fabric for six months. Some people keep fabric for years. I guess it means my fabric buying habits are changing. There are two welt pockets on the back of the pants. According to the directions, they are "blind" pockets. I think that means mock pockets. After reading the directions, I saw no mention of the pocket pouch. I can't see spending the time to get good looking welt pockets and not have an actual pocket. But on the other hand, I doubt that I would ever put anything in my back pocket. It might be more comfortable to have a layer of pocket fabric between the fake welts and my bottom, so I'll probably make real pockets (after a few practice attempts). The fabrics are really fun to handle. I should really enjoy this project.


  1. I can't wait to see how you progress also
    this morning I was up doing my welt pocket for the fronts of 01-2008-121, it was the first time I'm attempted doing it
    I would think a blind welt pocket will be a mock pocket,,, but what is that?

  2. I look forward to see how you progress. It looks like it's a great design and the fabric looks cool.


  3. Both are great designs! I like a lot of the plus size designs in BWOF, and am always disappointed by looking and line drawings and then realizing that they weren't drafted in my size range.

  4. Nice choice of fabrics and patterns. And yes I think you need to go to NY again!!

  5. I like your blouse fabric and the pattern with what looks like the facing turned to the outside (?) I wonder though whether the print will make the blouse details hard to see.

  6. Ohhh this should be a fun pattern to watch you sew...can't wait!