Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Small Rant

Sometimes I hate BWOF as much as I love it. BWOF has a way of making me feel like an idiot. I decided to make a quick (HA!) knit top (#135) from the August 2005 issue. I liked the tiny bit of satin trim around the neckline and bottom of the sleeve. It dressed up an otherwise plain knit shirt. I even bought satin yardage to make the bias strips – the LONG way – that’s how committed I was to this top! I read over the directions, but could not find any mention of how to finish the neckline. To me, it seemed the directions addressed how to insert the bias satin trim, but not how to finish the neckline. Given the problems everyone has with BWOF directions, I assumed the problem was Burda's fault and my mind slammed shut. I looked at the “Cutting out” section and didn’t see a neck facing listed. I read the section on the trim at least 6 times. I even posted a desperate cry for help on Stitcher’s Guild.
Then I read the instructions once more. Sure enough, a facing was mentioned further along in the directions. And when I looked at the Cutting Out section again I saw the following:

Front neckband on a fold 1x

and as a facing 1x

I will accept only partial responsibility for my stupidity. Yes, I should have read the directions more carefully. But (here comes the rant), Burda should write clearer directions. They could also use layout to highlight certain sections and not crowd everything into one teeny-tiny column! And hey, haven’t they heard of pictures! (end of rant) Of course, all of these changes would probably increase the price of a subscription. So, I better remember to read every word of the directions at least 5 times before I begin a BWOF project. Otherwise, I'll feel like an idiot.


  1. Hello....I just got a subscription to BWOF but I'm afraid to try it! What do YOU use to trace the patterns?

  2. Julie, don't be afraid of BWOF. I actually love them -- they are practically all I use. Just read the directions carefully and apply what you already know. To trace patterns, I use 36" wide tracing paper purchased at an art supply store (or online at Dick Blick.com)

  3. I always feel like an idiot when I do a BWOF pattern because I always seem to miss something. Usually from not reading carefully enough - now where's that magnifying glass?